Equality Impact Assessment for Violence Against Women & Girls Strategy

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Dear Brighton and Hove City Council,

The Neighbourhoods, Inclusion, Community and Equalities Committee agreed in October 2018 to recommission Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence services from December 2019, and to extend the current funding arrangements up to the end of November 2019.

The timescale agreed in October 2018 was for a revised Violence Against Women & Girls strategy to be presented to the committee in March 2019. However, in March 2019, the committee instead approved a strategy framework, and agreed a report outlining further stakeholder consultation and development of the full strategy.

No revised timescale for the commissioning process has been presented to the NICE committee, nor to its successor committee, the Tourism, Equalities, Communities and Culture Committee.

The report agreed at committee in October 2018 said "An equality impact assessment will be carried out as part of developing the specification for the community based services and refuge."

The report agreed in March 2019 said "A full Equality Impact Assessment is being completed reflective of identified issues that have been raised during stakeholder consultation. Development of the strategy and detailed partnership action plan will be a response to identified issues and will seek to mitigate them."

Please could you supply me with a copy of:

1. the current draft Equality Impact Assessment for local commissioning of VAWG services

2. a list of the stakeholders consulted in the process of developing the Equality Impact Assessment

3. the evidence used to inform the Equality Impact Assessment

4. the report produced by AVA (Against Violence and Abuse), which is mentioned in the October 2018 committee report

5. the current intended timescale for recommissioning VAWG services and the dates on which further reports will be presented to council committees

Yours faithfully,

Dani Ahrens

Freedom Of Information, Brighton and Hove City Council

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