Environmental Data for Hampstead Heath

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Dear Natural England,

I am a university student conducting research on environmental quality pre and post Covid lockdown measures.

I have decided to focus on Hampstead Heath due to the location of some of London's only semi-improved grassland areas. I would like to use the data to compare with primary research I will undertake to assess the impact of lockdown measures on environmental quality in this area.

Yours faithfully,

Rachel Thomas
2nd year undergraduate
BSc Geography
King's College London

Hayden, Ella, Natural England

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Dear Rachel,


Thank you for your email. I’m afraid we aren't able to offer much
information in terms of the grassland habitat as the SSSI at Hampstead
Heath is solely assessed based on the Woodland and the Fen, Swamp and
Marsh Habitat. However, I have attached a condition assessment undertaken
in 2018 which does mention the grassland at Hampstead Heath, but with the
main focus on the woodland and Fen habitat.


I've also linked below designated sites view - if you search for Hampstead
Heath Woods SSSI in site information this will give you some more details
on the SSSI.


[1]Designated sites view


You may also wish to try to get in touch with the landowner if you have
not already, City of London, as they may have some more information on the
grassland and in addition to this [2]GiGL may also have some records.


Please see below information taken from the City of London website for a
contact at Hampstead Heath:

Heathfield House, 432 Archway Road,

London N6 4JH

020 7332 3322

[3][email address]


I hope this is helpful.





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