Enquiry about Genesis Policies

Yn disgwyl am adolygiad mewnol gan Genesis Housing Group o'u triniaeth o'r cais hwn.

Dear Genesis Housing Group,

We have been evicted from a flat of your housing association on 7/8/12 with our three minor children.

Currently, we are staying elsewhere and we urgently need our personal belongings, confidential documents and other necessities. Upon asking your housing officer permission to enter the property to collect the things, this is their response:


Dear Mr Ishmail,

I can confirm the keys to 34 Shale Court have been passed back to me so i can arrange access for you to collect your items from the property. I have left a voicemail for PC Stimson of Stratford Safer Neighbourhood Team who needs to be present along with myself when you re-enter the property and until all items are collected.

I am hoping to arrange this for the end of this week. Is there any days this week you will be unavailable.?

If i do not hear from PC Stimson by this afternoon, I will call him again.


I sent another email confirming my availaibility on Thursday this week and inquired about the reason for police to be present. I also requested to allow us more time to collect our furnitures, and many other things and to allow a removal man to help us.

This is the response from your solicitor Winckworth Sherwood:

Dear Mrs Ismail,

Our client will proceed to pack up your belongings which will be ready for your collection from their Stratford office on Friday 17 August. This would seem a far more practicable way forward. A further e-mail will be sent to you tomorrow to confirm details of an appointment on Friday when you can collect your belongings.

Would you please let me know by return whether you wish to have the furniture which you have left in the property so that our client may know whether this is also to be removed for your collection.


Mary Walsh


I obviously refused to allow your housing association to touch my belongings as this is against the law. We have agreed to move out of your property and you should abide to the rules by allowing us to take our belongings and documents instead of removing the frustration on them and causing us unnecessary harassments.

Your solicitor continued her email:

Dear Mrs Ismail

My client is not converting your goods – quite the opposite, they are making arrangements to return them to you.

The position remains as set out previously.

Please confirm if you want your furniture.

Mary Walsh

My enquiry to you is whether Genesis can do such things by holding my belongings and confidential documents; whether they have the right to harass us as such as we are a vulnerable family with 3 childre; whether they have the right to commit such unlawful things by not allowing us to take our things by ourselves?


Yours faithfully,

MRS Ismail

Dear Genesis Housing Group,

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information reviews.

I am writing to request an internal review of Genesis Housing Group's handling of my FOI request 'Enquiry about Genesis Policies'.

The enquiry is about Genesis Housing Associaiton's policy in regards to eviciton and preventing access to tenant to collect the belongings?

A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is available on the Internet at this address:

Yours faithfully,


Dear Genesis Housing Group,

Please seebelow the email received from your solicitors Winckworth Sherwood:

Dear Mr and Mrs Ismail

Our client has asked us to respond to your requests dated 15 August and 18 September made via whatdotheyknow.com and their own website.

The first purports to be a Freedom of Information request headed “Enquiries about Genesis Policies”.

The second is a request for “an internal review of Genesis Housing Group’s handling of my FOI request ‘Enquiry about Genesis Policies’.

Our client is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act and is therefore not obliged to answer a request made under that Act.

"However, I do not understand how Genesis Housing Group is listed in the What do they know website. If such is the case, and it is, Genesis should respond accordingly.

The only information asked was about thier policies regarding eviction of their "Assured Shorthold tenancy" Tenants and what steps taken to perform the evicition. If eviction is carried out, do they allow the tenant to take their belongings?

The query was fair and just and is a FOI request. I will appreciate if a reply is provided accordingly.


Yours faithfully,