Nid ydym yn gwybod a yw'r ymateb mwyaf diweddar i'r cais hwn yn cynnwys gwybodaeth neuai peidio - os chi ywSam Kaur mewngofnodwch a gadael i bawb wybod.

Dear Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council,

I am a local resident that lives within the Walsall Borough. I have seen many properties within the local area that are in a state of disrepute. I have an interest in renovating properties and making them into safe homes into people of need. I have been very fortunate in my life and would like to do this as my way of giving back, alongside keeping Walsall looking as desirable as possible.

If you could respond with details of how I can help remove turn these properties of disrepair into family homes I would be very grateful.

Yours faithfully,

Sam Kaur

InformationRights, Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council

Dear Sam,

Thank you for contacting us regarding Empty Houses. Walsall Council has no Housing Stock as it was transferred via Large Scale Voluntary Transfer in March 2003. The properties you refer to will either be managed by Housing Associations or Privately owned, therefore you would need to enquire via the Land registry to find out who these properties belong to order for you to contact them directly and they can address your query.

To assist you, please access the link below.


Julie Noble

Assurance Team, Resources and Transformation
Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council,
Civic Centre,
Darwall Street,
Walsall, WS1 1DG
Tel: 0800 0856 018
Email: [Walsall Council request email]
Service area: Information Governance and Assurance

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Nid ydym yn gwybod a yw'r ymateb mwyaf diweddar i'r cais hwn yn cynnwys gwybodaeth neuai peidio - os chi ywSam Kaur mewngofnodwch a gadael i bawb wybod.