Empty commercial and/or mixed use properties

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Dear Caerphilly County Borough Council,

Could you kindly provide a list of vacant commercial properties in the borough identifying which are owned by the council or other public body and which are privately owned.

For the properties owned by the council or another public body, could you kindly identify if these are owned or leased.

Could the list kindly include the following: (a) 1. addresses, 2. rateable values 3. date vacated; of empty Commercial properties that are within your area, which have been vacant for longer than 3 months; and

(b) the names and addresses of the owners of those properties referred to in (a)

If this could be supplied in a csv (spreadsheet) format this would certainly be appreciated.

Thank you

James Loy

WWW: FOI, Caerphilly County Borough Council

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WWW: FOI, Caerphilly County Borough Council

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Dear Mr Loy
Thank you for your request for information received on 29th May 2018. We
have considered your request and attach a spreadsheet detailing commercial
properties included in the business rating list within Caerphilly County
Borough that have been vacant for over 3 months. We do not hold the
details of the owners of each commercial property on our database but
included in the 'Ratepayer' column of the spreadsheet is the name of the
liable ratepayer in respect of business rates where they are not an
We supply this information based on your original request. If this is not
what you wanted or if you feel we have not fully understood your request
please do not hesitate to contact me to clarify your exact requirements.
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the handling of your request please contact [1][Caerphilly County Borough Council request email].
Yours sincerely
Glenn Edwards
Senior Council Tax & Non-Domestic Rate Officer

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