Eligibility Criteria for Funding Second First Degrees

Gwrthodwyd y cais gan Student Awards Agency for Scotland.

Dear Student Awards Agency for Scotland,

Can you please inform me of the specific criteria used when assessing the eligibility for funding tuition fees for second first degrees in Scotland. If this criteria has changed in the past 6 years (since 2006) can you please provide me with the old criteria as well as any and all amendments to date.

Can you inform me of the legislation used to create the eligibility criteria and whether this conforms with the necessary UK and European Legislation on equality and human rights.

Can you also provide me with statistics for successful and unsuccessful applications for funding for second first degrees since 2006.

Can you also provide me with the nature of successful applications for second first degrees since 2006 and the processes such applications were required to go through before they were successful.

Yours faithfully,
J.G.D Taylor.

Student Awards Agency for Scotland

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To J.G.D Taylor,

Please see attached reply in response to your recent request for


Alan Scott
Operational Policy Manager
Rm 010, SAAS
Edinburgh, EH12 9HH

The information in this e-mail offers general guidance only and is not
legally binding, nor does it constitute any right of eligibility for, or
entitlement to, funding. SAAS will assess each applicant on his or her
individual circumstances in accordance with the information provided
with his or her completed application.

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