Electromagnetic radiation / microwave radiation from 5G street lighting insurance for us the public who are paying you to protect us !

Louisa Pankhurst Johnson made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Swansea Council

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Gwrthodwyd y cais gan Swansea Council.

Louisa Pankhurst Johnson

Dear Swansea Council,


Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, you are requested to please provide the following:

1. Copies of all commercial The City and County of Swansea Council public liability insurance policy certificates with what is covered, policy numbers, providers and underwriters held by The City and County of Swansea Council. In particular, make sure anything regarding ‘pollution liability’, ‘policy enhancement’ and ‘schedules of exclusions’ documents in relation to the commercial public liability insurance policy held by The City and County of Swansea Council.
2. Copies of the ‘certificate of indemnity’ from The City and County of Swansea Council That may include the public insurance provider and underwriters, confirming that any injuries, damages or adverse health effects directly or indirectly arising out of, resulting from or contributed to by electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetism, radio waves or noise, wireless RF radiation, microwave radiation, non-ionising radiation emitting devices and equipment.

I require written receipt of this Freedom of Information Request. Sincerely and without ill will, vexation or frivolity,

Yours Sincerely

Louisa Pankhurst Johnson

Freedom of Information (Mailbox), Swansea Council

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neu'r adrannau perthnasol sy'n cadw'r wybodaeth.

Bydd eich cais yn cael ei brosesu o fewn 20 niwrnod gwaith oni bai bod
angen mwy o fanylion oddi wrthych. Os dyma'r achos, byddwn yn cycylltu â
chi drwy'r manylion rydych wedi'u darparu ar y ffurflen hon.

Ni chodir ffi am wneud cais, os na fydd yr wybodaeth yn costio mwy na £450
i'r Awdurdod ei darparu. Os dyma fydd yr achos, byddwch yn cael eich




The details you have provided will be passed on to the relevant department
or departments that hold the information.


Your request will be processed within 20 working days unless we require
more details from you. If this is the case, you will be contacted via the
details you have given on this form.


There is no fee for making a request, provided the information does not
cost the council more than £450 to produce. If this is the case you will
be informed.

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Jan Davies, Swansea Council

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your email which has been logged and passed to the appropriate information officer. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, I would advise that all council staff have been asked to work from home and whilst we are working to maintain a service and trying to remain accessible to people who need us, we will not be able to meet our usual timeframes. This may be due to illness within the team or staff being asked to undertake other duties in order to protect the vulnerable people within Swansea. With this in mind, on occasions, FOI officers may be unable to meet the twenty day deadline but you will be provided with a response as soon as reasonably practicable.


Jan Davies
Swyddog Cwynion
Complaints Officer
01792 637548
[email address]

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Michael Powney, Swansea Council

3 Atodiad

Hello Madam

Further to your freedom of information request regarding 5G, please find
our response attached.


Michael Powney

Uned Llywodraethu Gwybodaeth
Information Governance Unit


( 01792 636796 | 07796 275676

* [1][email address]
     [2]Read about information management




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