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Dear University of Oxford,

Firstly, I would like to know the mechanism used in banding and shortlisting applicants to Experimental Psychology before and after the interview. For example, what are the weightages applied to the GCSEs/predicted A level scores/personal statements/interview performance etc.?

Secondly, could you please provide me with information regarding Economics and management applicants for 2017 entry or deferred entry in 2018 for the following:

1. The total number of applicants
2. The percentage of total number of applicants shortlisted for interview
3. The percentage of number of applicants shortlisted for interview who received offers
4. The mean, minimum and maximum interview score of successful applicants
5. The number of GCSEs of each applicant
6. The GCSE grades of each applicant
7. The AS grades of each applicant
8. The predicted A Level grades of each applicant
9. The GCSE School type of each applicant
10. The A Level School type of each applicant
11. The contextualised GCSE score of each applicant
12. Indicate whether each applicant had extenuating circumstances or not
13. Indicate whether the applicant was applying for deferred entry in 2018 or not
14. Indicate whether the applicant was a Home, EU or international applicant
15. TSA Section 1 Score of each applicant
16. TSA Problem Solving Score of each applicant
17. TSA Critical Thinking Score of each applicant
18. TSA Section 2 Score of each applicant
19. UCAS form/Personal Statement/Reference scores (if such scores exist) for each applicant
20. Indicate whether each applicant was shortlisted for interview
21. Interview Scores of each applicant
22. The college applied to by each applicant
23. Indicate whether an applicant received an offer after interview
24. The college assigned after reallocation to each applicant where applicable

Yours faithfully,

Janice Tang

UAS Foi, University of Oxford

Thank you for your request, which is now being processed. You will receive a response by the statutory deadline of 14th July.

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UAS Foi, University of Oxford

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The response to your request is attached.

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UAS Foi, University of Oxford

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Please replace the spreadsheet originally sent to you with the one attached. The original spreadsheet did not include an 'Offer' column.

FOI Oxford

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