Economics Admissions Statistics 2019

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Dear Trinity College, Cambridge,

Please can you provide us with the following information regarding Admission Statistics for all applicants for Economics at Trinity College:

1. The total number of applicants
2. The percentage of total number of applicants shortlisted for interview
3. The number of GCSEs of each applicant
4. The GCSE grades of each applicant
5. The AS grades of each applicant
6. The predicted A Level grades of each applicant
7. The GCSE School type of each applicant
8. The A Level School type of each applicant
9. ECAA Problem Solving Score of each applicant
10. ECAA Maths Score of each applicant
11. ECAA Section 2 Score of each applicant
12. UCAS form/Personal Statement/Reference scores (if such scores exist) for each applicant
13. Indicate whether each applicant was shortlisted for interview
14. Interview Scores of each applicant
15. Indicate whether an applicant received an offer
16. The percentage of number of applicants shortlisted for interview who received offers
17. The mean, minimum and maximum interview score of successful applicants

I request you to provide this information in both Excell and PDF formats.

Yours faithfully,
David Cook

foi, Trinity College, Cambridge

1 Atodiad

Dear David Cook,

I refer to your request dated 2nd November 2019. I am the Freedom of Information Officer at Trinity College, Cambridge.

The information you have requested is attached.

Should you have any queries or complaints about this reply you may write to the Junior Bursar, Mr E Knapp at Trinity College, Cambridge. Any complaint should be in writing and should set out clearly the grounds for such complaint. Should you not be satisfied with the outcome, you have the right of appeal to the information commissioner.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Morley

Chris Morley, Secretary of the College Council Trinity College, Cambridge CB2 1TQ
Direct: 01223 338469
email: [email address]

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