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Dear East Lothian Council,
Number 19 John Muir Gardens, Dunbar EH42, is operating as a Bed and Breakfast business under the name of “Dream Haven”. The marketing of this as a B+B is clear. It is not an Airbnb.
The owner and family live on the premises and provide onsite parking for 3 cars and breakfast.
My requests are:
Is this business licensed and approved by ELC? Please advise and, if licensed, any and all reports completed and provided by ELC Council Officers to support this businesses permission to trade? Or any reports disallowing permission to trade? Alternatively, confirmation that no such permission has been applied for?
Please also provide me with any and all documentation, correspondence or any other material details or matters relating to either this address or to this business. Including minutes of any and all meetings which included any discussion related to this business either by officers or by elected members.
This request extends to the period from 01/01/18 to Date.

Yours faithfully,

Stuart Turnbull
6 John Muir Gardens
EH42 1 GA

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