Dear City of London Police,

Please provide the number of police officers currently trained to the response/standard level of emergency driving. Additionally, please specify the number of officers within their probationary period that are trained to response/standard level and/or whether this level of driving training is available to officers within their probationary period.

If possible, please include a copy of the driving policy.

Please also provide the number of officers trained in Taser across the force, and the number of those in their probationary period (if none, whether there are plans to extend Taser training to probationary officers).

Yours faithfully,

Arthur Coulter

Bradley Skinner,

Dear Arthur Coulter,


Thank you for your Email of 23rd February.

We will aim to send you a full response to your request for information
under the Freedom of Information Act within twenty working days of our
receiving your request, by 24th March.

Yours sincerely

Bradley Skinner,

1 Atodiad

Dear Arthur Coulter,

I am writing in response to your request for information, received 23rd

Yours sincerely,