Dr Gene GOODKID GMC ref. no. 7382987 - copy of MPT determination

J Roberts made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to General Medical Council

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Dear General Medical Council,

Please send me full details of the MPT hearing that concluded on 9 March 2021 concerning Dr Gene GOODKID:



Medical practitioners tribunal – Restoration Hearing concluded
Summary of outcome Restoration application refused
Type of case Restoration
Hearing date from 01 Mar 2021
Hearing date to 09 Mar 2021


Non-sitting day 5 March 2021. Previously sat: 12-14 October 2020.

Location of hearing

St James’s Buildings, 79 Oxford Street, Manchester. It is possible to observe proceedings from our Manchester hearing centre. Please give us 14 days' notice if you would like to attend, so arrangements can be made. Contact us about observing a hearing

GMC reference number 7382987
Area of last practice Tanzania


Full details of this hearing will be published shortly'

Yours faithfully,

J Roberts

FOI, General Medical Council

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FOI, General Medical Council

Dear J Roberts,


Your information request – IR1-3076067487

Thank you for your emails dated 1 June, in which you ask for the full
details of the MPT hearing that concluded on 9 March 2021 concerning Dr


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Christine Abdy (0161 923 6421), General Medical Council

Dear J Roberts


Your information request – IR1-3076067487


Thank you for your email dated 1 June, regarding the MPT hearing that
concluded on 9 March 2021 concerning Dr Gene GOODKID.   We’ve considered
this request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA).


I can’t provide the information you requested as the Medical Practitioners
Tribunal Service is currently planning to publish it in the near future,
on their website [1]here.


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Section 22 of the FOIA is the exemption which applies to information
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Yours sincerely




Christine Abdy

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Gadawodd J Roberts anodiad ()

The decision is now available:

Restoration following administrative erasure

6 .Dr Goodkid’s name was erased from the Medical Register for administrative reasons on 2 September 2014, following non-payment of his GMC Annual Retention Fee. DrGoodkid has no previous regulatory findings against him in the UK.

28. Following his release, he returned to work more or less immediately. He continued to work while the criminal proceedings continued. He was acquitted of the criminal charges on 17 May 2018. He continued to work at the hospital. He accepted that he received the letter dated 16 July 2018 following a telephone call asking him to collect it. That letter called him to a meeting on 19 July 2018. He could not remember if notes were taken at the meeting.He said that the first time he had seen these notes was when they were produced by the GMC in these proceedings and he commented in evidence that the notes produced were inaccurate in certain respects.

107. Having determined that his fitness to practise is not impaired, the Tribunal went on to consider whether Dr Goodkid’s application for restoration ought to be granted.