Dear Office for National Statistics,

1. Please confirm if you are in contract for a fully outsourced managed print service.
2. Does this include Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) and printers?
3. Please confirm date from and date to of contract awarded and what extensions if any.
4. Please confirm who the contract was awarded to.
5. Please confirm the name or job role of the employee that is responsible for the management of the printer estate for your organisation.
6. What are the current mailing processes? E.g franking etc?
7. Please confirm the current Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) in place and whether these SLA’s have been met over the last 12 months.
8. Please confirm if you intend to go out to tender next time or call off an existing framework. If so, which one?
9. How many MFDs do you have?
10. What is the annual spend on MFDs – including lease costs, consumables, costs per click and service charges?
11. How many printers do you have?
12. What is the annual spend on printers – including lease costs, consumables, costs per click and service charges?
13. What is the annual spend on toners outside of any contract that is in place with a 3rd party?
14. Please confirm the annual volumes of mono and colour prints.
15. How much time a month does the IT team spend on printer queries from end users?
16. Do you have any mobile print capabilities?
17. Do you have any secure print capabilities?
18. What print management software do you use across the organisation?
19. What remote monitoring software do you use across the organisation?
20. How many locations do you have?
21. Is there a Digital Transformation strategy in place and if so who is responsible for this?

Yours faithfully,

Bob Duncan,

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FOI Team, Office for National Statistics

Our Reference: FOI/2019/0211


Dear Bob,


Thank you for your email requesting data pertaining to our print services.


I am writing to confirm that the Office for National Statistics has now
completed its search for the information which you requested and the
responses to your questions can be found here:

1. No, we are not.

2.We have individual contracts for MFDs and a large-scale printer.

3.We do not have a managed print service contract.

4.We do not have a managed service contract.

5.Not applicable.

6.Our post service is run as part of our Facilities Management contract
utilising a contract with UK Mail and we mainly use franking equipment to
mail out. 

7.Current SLA are part of the overall FM contract and have been met over
the last 12 months.

8.Currently, there are no requirements for a fully managed print service. 
However, we would undertake a full sourcing review, and this would
identify the most suitable framework.

9.We have 5 MFDs, 3 in our Newport print room and 2 in the Titchfield
print room, which also has a lithograph press.

10.There are three machines in Newport: Imagepress 1135+, £22.5k per annum
on a four-year lease; a C700 colour, £7.7k per annum and a VP110 Mono,
£3.3k per annum both on five-year leases.  We have 2 Canon machines in
Titchfield on a five-year lease contract, total value £102k.

11.We have 125 printers, which have print and email functionality, roughly
split 50/50 black and white to colour

12.The printers were purchased and are supported on a maintenance contract
at an annual cost of circa £125k plus £35 software licencing for secure

13.There is no additional spend.

14.We are currently producing 5,312,232 Mono pages and 826,596 Colour
pages annually

15.The length of time can vary from a 10 minute toner change to a couple
of hours for repairs.




19.Markvision is used to monitor all the Lexmark printers across the

20.3 locations - London, Fareham and Newport.

21.Yes, there is, and the Chief Information Officer is responsible for it.


You have the right to have this response to your freedom of information
request reviewed internally by an internal review process and, if you
remain unhappy with the decision, by the Information Commissioner. If you
would like to have the decision reviewed please write to The FoI Team,
Room 1100, Office for National Statistics, Segensworth Road, Titchfield
PO15 5RR, and mark your correspondence "Internal Review".


If you have any queries about this email, please contact the Freedom of
Information Team ('[ONS request email]')


Please remember to quote the reference number above in any future


Freedom of Information Team

Office for National Statistics

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