Dear Northamptonshire Police and Crime Panel,
1) please can you send me a copy of the current subject access request
acknowledgment AND response letter that you use
2) a copy of the last 5 dpias completed
3) a copy of any internal mandatory information governance training that
you give to staff which was written in the last 2 years including
presentation slides and videos and any other media
4) a copy of any instructions given to staff members to reduce data
security breaches, for example double checking work
5) a copy of any policies implemented in the last 2 years within the
organisation to help reduce the environmental impact that the organisation
6) please can I have a copy of the risk rating that you use to evaluate data security incidents?

Yours faithfully,

Paul knight

James Edmunds,

Dear Mr Knight,

The Northamptonshire Police, Fire & Crime Panel is a joint committee of each of the local councils in the county that scrutinises the work of the Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner. As such, the Panel is not a body that deals with information requests of the sort you mention in its own right.

Northamptonshire County Council Democratic Services provides secretarial support for the Panel. Details of how to request information from the Council are available at:

There should be similar information on the websites of the other local councils in the county.


James Edmunds

Democratic Services Assistant Manager and Statutory Scrutiny Officer
01604 366053
07500 605276

Northamptonshire County Council
One Angel Square
Angel Street
Northampton NN1 1ED

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