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Dear Sir or Madam,Is the NHS engaged,as is the case in America,in the collection and storage of DNA from every newborn baby in the UK?

Yours faithfully,


Gadawodd David Mery anodiad ()

May be coming, indeed. See Q6 in GeneWatch Q&A: Lords' Genomic Medicine Report.

br -d

Gadawodd ROBERT CROSS anodiad ()

I would urge every-one to opt out of the nhs database,all that is required is to inform your doctor and with a touch of a key on thier computer it is done,even my doctor has opted out,which speaks volumes for the security of your sensitive information.

Department of Health and Social Care

[1][FOI #13420 email]

Dear Mr Cross,
Than you for your email of 17 June about DNA storage of babies. I have
been asked to reply.
DNA samples from newborn babies are not routinely taken in this country.
There is no national database for the DNA of newborn babies.
Yours sincerely,
Stephen Atkinson
Customer Service Centre

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