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Claire Russell Griffiths

Dear Welsh Government/Llywodraeth Cymru,

Just to prove once and for all that diving will not have exemption, even though are high risk category in regards to Highly protected Marine Conservation Zones, I request the minutes.

I also request any correspondence between Welsh government and Divers.

By correspondance I mean answers to questions on the issue of diving by email or letter.

To prove there is no bias in the process I strongly urge the full minutes are published publicly.

I also request a clear and transparent statement from Welsh Government on this issue as strongly fear there is bias in the whole consultation process.


Extract of post

At a meeting between Welsh Government and diving representatives on 12 June the WG confirmed that there is no intention to prohibit recreational diving from HP MCZs. Certainly no extractive diving, such as shellfishing; but simply looking and enjoying – including wreck diving – not a problem. Assuming the notes of the meeting become available they will be published here when possible.

Yours faithfully,

Claire Russell Griffiths

George, Louise (ESH - ECM),

5 Atodiad

Please note attached with regards to your request of 14 June.

<<Response to Claire Russell Griffiths.doc>> <<Doc 1 Notes of meet with WG
12.6.12 (Final).doc>> <<Doc 2 Cover email from Jennifer Jones 3.6.11.pdf>>
<<Doc 3 Letter from Jennifer Jones 3.6.11.pdf>> <<Doc 4 WG response to
Jennifer Jones 13 6 11.pdf>>

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