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Dear Ministry of Defence,

Dear Sir/ Madam

Could you please inform me on how the Iraqi Armour was disposed of after the Gulf War 1 conflict.

1.How many troops were involved in this clean up operation
2. Did troops recieve any medical advice prior to completing there task
3. Was any troops subject to ANY risk of DU contamination
4. Did any troops recieve medical attention for any DU, Chemical or Biological illness or contamination
5. Were troops who were involved with the removal ( clean up operation ) issued or ordered to wear any
6. Does the MOD know that if at the time there was bodiles , Iraq soldiers personal equiptment and ammunitions in the tanks.
7. was the armour brought back to the UK for testing, if so were the scientists protected in the way of clothing, face masks etc
8. The missiles Frog, Scud etc how did the recovering teams know that a) there was no chemical or biological threat to them or collegues . b) That there was no danger of explosions
9. Were the troops that recovered Iraqi armour and missiles for disposal were they fully informed of the risks involved
10. Relating to the Oil fires, does the MOD believe that the troops were sufficiently protected by having a flimsy face mask that broke within seconds of being used. This is the type of face mask that you often see tourists wear to walk around London to decrease the health risks from pollution.

I know there are several questions here but please provide the information and and any communications from and depts either being health or commanders on the ground at that time to substanciate actions taken

Yours faithfully,

Colin Beswick

Pers Trg-Sec-FOI Mailbox (MULTIUSER), Y Weinyddiaeth Amddiffyn

1 Atodiad

Dear Mr Beswick,


Please find attached a response to your FOI request.




Defence Personnel Secretariat


Gadawodd Alvin Pritchard. anodiad ()

Shame the MOD failed to give the 1 in 4 1st Gulf veterans who later went on to become seriously ill the same attention as they did with their set of cleverly written excuses designed to give the lay person the false impression that there is nothing wrong.

A quick "Search engine" on Gulf war illnesses would more than confirm the extent and gravity of these illnesses in veterans on both sides of the Atlantic.

Gadawodd Alvin Pritchard. anodiad ()

A London court is set to hear a case involving the alleged use of uranium-enhanced weapons. Some say it is the cause of horrific birth defects and congenital diseases.

No doubt the defence will argue that there is nothing wrong and attempt to convince the lay person that Depleted Uranium is so safe you can eat it like candy.


Gadawodd Alvin Pritchard. anodiad ()

Depleted Uranium Dust - Public Health Disaster For The People Of Iraq and Afghanistan.


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