Disclosure of information relating to the incorporation of the Kampala Amendments, and 'crime of aggression', within UK domestic law

christopher lamb made this Freedom of Information request to Attorney General's Office

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Gwrthodwyd y cais gan Attorney General's Office.

Dear Attorney General’s Office,

With the coming into force this year of the Kampala Amendments to the Statute of Rome- introducing for the first time a statutory definition of aggression for prosecution in the International Criminal Court-, I seek, under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, disclosure of all information relating to advice being prepared or submitted to government by the Attorney General's Office concerning any duty or expectation that the UK- as a signatory party to the Statute of Rome- should incorporate 'aggression', as defined by the Kampala Amendments, into UK domestic law, accompanying other war crimes incorporated in such a way. I am also interested in whether this potential advice discusses the issue of incorporating the legal concept of aggression for prosecution retrospectively.

I also seek information relating to the current government's policy position with regard to the 'crime of aggression' given that UK governments by choice have not ratified the Kampala Amendments.

Yours faithfully,

christopher lamb

AGO Correspondence, Attorney General's Office

4 Atodiad

Dear Mr Lamb,


Thank you for your FOI request to the Attorney General's Office (AGO). 


The AGO will respond to your request within the deadline requirement of
the FOIA legislation.


Yours sincerely,


Gabriella Guymer-Davies


FOI Officer

Attorney General’s Office

5-8 The Sanctuary

London, SW1P 3JS









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