Directions by the Secretary of State on Electronic Communications

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Please release any directions made by the Secretary of State and currently in force regarding the use of electronic communications for the purposes of claiming universal credit.

Schedule 2 of the Universal Credit [etc.] (Claims and Payments) Regulations 2013 (SI No. 380) indicates that directions should exist as follows:

1. Under para 2(2) there should be a direction indicating who is permitted, for the time being, to use electronic communication for purposes of UC.

2. Under para 2(7) there should be at least one further direction which sets out:

a) approved form for submitting any claim or information (see also para 2(4)).

b) what is /are the approved methods for authenticating the identity of the sender of the communication where required to do so (see also para 2(3)(a));

c) what is / are the approved method(s) of electronic communication (see also para 2(3)(b));

d) what is/are approved method(s) of authenticating any claim or information delivered by means of an electronic communication (see also para 2(3)(c))

3. Under para 2(5) there may be a further direction from the SSWP as to what records a claimant must keep etc.

I would be grateful, as stated above, if copies of all of those directions could now be provided.

Many thanks,

Martin Williams

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