Development in Exemplar Neighbourhood

Mae'r cais hwn wedi cael ei dynnu'n ôl gan y sawl a'i wnaeth. Efallai y bydd esboniad yn yr ohebiaeth isod.

Dear Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council,

1. How many capital projects has Gateshead Council completed within the Exemplar Neighbourhood and High Street South area, since March 2015, when the Core Strategy and Urban Core Plan was adopted?

2. How much has Gateshead Council invested in those completed capital projects within the Exemplar Neighbourhood and High Street South area since March 2015?

3. Has Gateshead Council ever publicly advertised any vacant assets in the Exemplar Neighbourhood or High Street South area for lease upon the open rental market since March 2015?

Yours faithfully,

Mr Cooper

CSG InformationRights, Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council

Dear Mr Cooper

This FOI request has been submitted twice
We will disregard this second submission
If I am incorrect in thinking this please let me know

Thank you
Information Rights Officer

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