Detailed Budget Information 2016/17

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Beaumaris Town Councl

Dear Isle of Anglesey Council,

The town council requests detailed information of the budgets for 2016/17 so that it can effectively comment on proposed changes to budgets and allocations in the 2017/18 budget. It is important that the public can see what spending programmes are being preserved at the expense of those being cut.

Ideally the Town Council would like a copy of the budget book. However it understands that a physical budget book is no longer produced and that you rely on electronic budget information.

In lieu of a budget book the Town Council requests a breakdown of the Council's 2015/16 budget. The Town Council assumes that the budget is allocated to a set of cost centres and account codes. A report (possibly as a spreadsheet) showing the budget allocated to each cost centre broken down by major account code would in the first instance be sufficient for our needs. There is no specific item of spend that we are interested. Rather we would like the ability to compare and contrast different areas and functions. The level of detail we would be looking for would allow us to see for example:

• the spend on Amlwch (or any other) leisure centre compared to other council spend such schools maintenance or adult social services say.
• Spend on promoting tourism compared to promoting Wyfa B
• Spending on libraries compared to refurbishing council offices or repairing roads

As this information will be used by budget holders to monitor spend on a monthly basis it ought to be readily available.

Yours faithfully,

Professor Trevor Ashenden
Town Clerk
Beaumaris Town Councl

FOI, Isle of Anglesey Council

I write to acknowledge receipt of your request, made under access to information legislation, for information held by the Council.

Please be advised that, in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004, we aim to respond to your request within 20 working days.

Beryl Jones
Swyddog Gwybodaeth Corfforaethol a Chwynion – Adain Gyfreithiol, Cyngor Sir Ynys Môn Corporate Information and Complaints Officer- Legal Section, Isle of Anglesey County Council

dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Beaumaris Town Councl

Dear Beryl Jones

We have not yet received a response to our request for detailed budget information.

By law the council should have responded promptly (normally within 20 working days).

The information requested should be easily available as it will be being used by budget managers on a regular basis.

Can you please arrange for the information to be provided without further delay.

Yours sincerely

Prof Trevor Ashenden
Town Clerk
Beaumaris Town Council

3 Atodiad

Dear Prof Ashenden


Further to your request for further details on the Council’s 2016/17
budget, attached is a copy of the budget book which we have prepared.


Firstly can I apologise for the delay in responding to your original
request. We have recently implemented a new financial system and we are
still developing a number of aspects of the system which reduces our need
to generate financial information in the form of spreadsheets. You are
correct that we do hold information on spreadsheets but these are for
internal use only and would have been very difficult for you to analyse.
The production of a budget book directly is something we have been working
on for a number of months and we have only just finished that work and
this explains the delay in responding.


May I also apologise that the document is in English only, we do have a
Welsh version, but due to a technical issue we have been unable to produce
it today. We will resolve the issue next week and issue you with the Welsh
version when it is ready, which should be within days.


You may notice a significant difference on some service area costs between
the 2016/17 budget and the 2015/16 actual and budget. The 2015/16 are
after central services costs (Finance, Legal I.T. etc) have been charged
to the front line services, the 2016/17 budget is before those charges are
made. Unfortunately I cannot reverse the recharges in the 2015/16 figures
because of the way the data was held for that year.


I’m unsure if the attached budget book provides you with sufficient detail
but if you require anything further please do not hesitate to contact me
and I will aim to provide the information you need.


Yours sincerely



Marc Jones

Pennaeth Swyddogoeth (Adnoddau) – Swyddog Adain 151 /Head of Function
(Resources) – Section 151 Officer

Swyddogaeth (Adnoddau)/Function (Resource)

Swyddfeydd y Cyngor / Council Offices


Ynys Môn

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