Definitive definition of “specially enclosed” within Aldershot and District Military Byelaws 1976

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Dear Defence Infrastructure Organisation,
Within the Aldershot and District Military Lands Byelaws 1976 there is reference within Section 2 to “Military Land not specially enclosed” and within Section 4(a) to “Military Lands which is specially enclosed”.
For the avoidance of doubt can you please provide a definitive (from the DIO/MOD perspective) definition of the phrase “specially enclosed” as used within the 2 sections quoted?

Yours faithfully,

Peter Corns

DIO Sec-Parli (MULTIUSER), Defence Infrastructure Organisation


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Your request has been logged under our reference 2020/08055 and the target
date for response is 11/08/2020.


Yours sincerely


DIO Secretariat

DIO Sec-Parli (MULTIUSER), Defence Infrastructure Organisation

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Dear Mr Corns,

Please find attached the response to your recent request.

Kind regards,

DIO Secretariat

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