Deerstalking leases available

Andrew Goodsell made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Forestry Commission

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Dear Forestry Commission,

Can you please provide details of land in south east England ( counties of E Sussex W Sussex / Kent which are managed , controlled , leased or owned by the forestry commission where deer stalking leases exist?.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Goodsell

King, Jenny,

Dear Mr Goodsell


Thank you for your request for information through the What Do They Know
website. My assessment is that the information you are seeking is exempt
under section 39(1) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 because this
information is “environmental information”, as defined in regulation 2 of
the Environmental Information Regulations 2004.  You should note that
Environmental Information under the Regulations has the same meaning as in
Article 2(1) of European Council Directive 2003/4/EC.  Your request must
therefore be considered under these Regulations.


The Forestry Commission has awarded Deer Control Licenses on the Public
Forest Estate in the following areas in East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent:


Netherfield Wood – East Sussex

Snape Wood – East Sussex

Vinehall Forest – East Sussex


I have tried to deal with your request as fully as possible.  However,
should you wish to complain about the way your request has been handled
please contact:


                Forestry Commission
                Director England
                620 Bristol Business Park
                Coldharbour Lane
                BS16 1EJ


                Email: [1][email address]


Complaints regarding non-compliance with the requirements of the open
information legislation should initially be made to the Forestry
Commission itself.  We aim to resolve any complaints with you directly. 
However, should the matter fail to be resolved, you may make an appeal to
the Information Commissioner’s Office. 


Further information on the role of the Information Commissioner and
guidance on FOI/EIR can be found on the Commissioner’s web site:
[2] or by calling the helpline:  0303 123 1113.


Best wishes


Jenny King

Jenny King
Parliamentary and Information Rights Officer | Director England’s Office |
Forestry Commission England

+ 620 Bristol Business Park | Coldharbour Lane | Bristol | BS16 1EJ
: [3][email address]






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