Decommisioned Nuclear Submarines

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Dear Sirs,

Under the Freedom of Information Laws could you please provide the following information:-

Please indicate what plans the MOD has to dispose of decommissioned nuclear submarines.

Please indicate if any of these have been sold to any other countries or transferred to another countries Navy.

Many Thanks

Barnacle Bill

DES SEC-PolSecSubs2 (Ingram, Kate Miss), Y Weinyddiaeth Amddiffyn

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Dear Sir,

Please see the attached responses to two of your Freedom of Information


DE&S PolSec-AD3

DE&S PolSec-AD3
DE&S Policy Secretariat
Birch 1C #3135
Abbey Wood
BS34 8JH
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I would challenge this on the basis that the MoD did not ask you to prove your identity by way of a birth certificate.

Even if this is not your identity a ruling that they should have done so would prove useful as it is believed the MoD use pseudonyms too. Such a ruling would then allow a reciprocal challenge to their identities!