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Dear Judicial Conduct Investigations Office,

I wish to request a full freedom of information request into DDJ Gleeson's court service. He is currently operating on the South Eastern County Court circuit.

My request covers the following questions.

How long has this judiciary been in active service serving as a DDJ for court hearings ?

How many complaints have been made against him during his Judicial service ?

How many complaints have been upheld against him as a result of these complaints. ?

What was the outcome of these upheld complaints in terms of penalty or restrictions ?

What was the resulting actions for the court cases for which he received warnings / penalties or restrictions upon his service ?

Yours faithfully

Mr Julian

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Rasul, Nazir (JCIO), Judicial Conduct Investigations Office

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Dear Mr Julian


Please find attached a response to your FOI request.




Nazir Rasul

Senior Caseworker

Judicial Conduct Investigations Office


81-82 Queens Building 

Royal Courts of Justice


020 7071 5679


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