Data Protection - the first 12 months

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Dear Pate’s Grammar School,

Following the introduction of DPA 2018, and the statutory responsibility contained within for schools to appoint a Data protection officer, please could you provide the following information

Who is your schools Data Protection Officer?

If you have employed an 'external' data protection officer when is their contract up for renewal?

What is the Annual cost of this service?

How many breaches have you reported to the ICO since the 25th Of May?

Have your staff received data protection training?

What was the date of your last health and safety inspection?

Who was responsible for conducting this check?

Yours faithfully,

Darren Cooper
FOI 4 Education and Schools

Stephen Locke,

Mr Cooper

Thank you for your email

Please see our responses below


Stephen Locke
Pate's Grammar School
01242 538252

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