Data Centres

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Dear Aberdeen College,

Under the Freedom of Information Act I would gratefully request the provision of the following information:

How many Data and/or Disaster Recovery Centres does your
organisation currently use, if this facility is not centralised but
is distributed throughout your network please provide the total
number of facilities in use for this purpose.
If supplied through a contract, who is the operator of the
If supplied through a contract, what is the start and end dates of
the contract, please include any contract extensions available
within the contract.
General location of data centre (the town/city, not specific
Total available space.
Total space used.
Power consumption per data centre.
Do you have any plans related to your Data and/or Disaster Recovery
Centres such as increasing the number or outsourcing the services.

Number of desktops in the organisation.
Number of users of ICT within the organisation.
Number of sites connected to your Wide Area Network.
What e-mail system do you currently utilise.
What server OS do you currently utilise (Windows, UNIX, LINUX) and
in what numbers (i.e number of UNIX servers in use etc).

Yours faithfully,

Joseph King


Dear Mr King,


Thank you for your request for information in relation to data centres at
Aberdeen College.  I can confirm the following information:


·         Number of data/disaster recovery centres – 1 Data Centre, 1
Disaster Recovery Centre.  These Centres are not supplied through a

·         Locations of data centres - 1 in Aberdeen City Centre, 1 to the
South of Aberdeen City Centre

·         Total space available – 36 racks

·         Total space used – 12 racks

·         Power consumption per data centre – available data shows that
the Data Centre costs the College £104.22 per day in power.  Similar data
is not available for the Disaster Recovery Centre.

·         Future plans – investigate the possibility of establishing a
shared data centre with University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon


·         Number of desktops in organisation – 1,844

·         Number of users of ICT within the organisation – approximately

·         Number of sites connected to the organisation’s Wide Area
Network – the College does not have a WAN, but dark fibre is utilised
between College centres and the College is also connected to the Aberdeen
Metropolitan Area Network (AbMAN).

·         E-mail system currently utilised – Microsoft Exchange

·         OS’s currently utilised (number)– Windows (70), UNIX (13), LINUX


I trust that this answers your query, however should you require any
further information please do not hesitate to contact me.




Pauline May

Planning Manager

Aberdeen College



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