Daniel Morgan

Edward Williams made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)

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Dear Metropolitan Police Service (MPS),

Provide a list of the documents and other forms of information which you refused to disclose to The Daniel Morgan Independent Panel.

Yours faithfully,

Edward Williams

Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)

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Gadawodd John Golding anodiad ()

The word is that Daniel Morgan had a considerable amount of information on police corruption which had been gathered in his work as a private investigator. This was on the security services watch list as the contents were damning potentially. He was murdered by people who were working as freelance agents under the control of the security services.

Gadawodd J Roberts anodiad ()



'710. She told the attending police officer that she had ‘heard through the grapevine’that Jonathan Rees was heavily involved in drug dealing and that Southern Investigations was a front for this with Charlie Kray being the ‘head of the drugs ring although he was not actively involved’. The message said that ‘[Daniel] MORGAN had found out about the drugs & John REES & was going to do something & that’s why he was killed’.

711. Later that same month, on 30 June 1987, a message was submitted to the incident room by DC Kinley Davies to the effect that a private investigator and former Metropolitan Police Detective Constable called Peter Wilkins had spoken with him on 14 April 1987, and had stated he had been told that some time prior to the murder, a solicitor was alleged to have remarked that ‘a driver of Charlie KRAY’ had told him that ‘if MORGAN “didn’t keep his nose out, he’d be topped”’. It is not clear to the Panel why it took DC Davies more than ten weeks to submit his report.'

Gadawodd J Roberts anodiad ()

Page 380 of the report:

'347. There is no clear evidence to corroborate the assertion that Daniel Morgan was working on a story about police corruption before he died. However, a more robust approach should have been taken to this line of enquiry. There was insufficient justification for the decision not to interview former DC Peter Wilkins and to take no further action to pursue it. Further, given the timing – July 1989 – it is difficult to escape the conclusion that DCS Alan Wheeler was preparing to terminate his investigation. This matter should have been investigated fully.'

Cyclops on behalf of Alyson Parker, Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)

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Information Rights Unit
PO Box 313
DA15 0HH


Email: [1][the Met request email]




Your ref: 
Our ref: 01/FOI/21/019840


Date: 25/06/2021





Dear Mr Williams


Freedom of Information Request Reference No: 01/FOI/21/019840


Please see the attached in respect of your Freedom of Information request
referenced above.


Yours sincerely



Alyson Parker

Information Manager





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Gadawodd J Roberts anodiad ()

'The MPS did not refuse any disclosure requests made by the Panel.'

The Panel's view:

Pages 1114 and 1115 of the Report:

493. The Panel’s offices were fully secured and equipped for the storage of sensitive and secret material, in accordance with Government rules. However, the Metropolitan Police imposed additional and restrictive conditions on how sensitive material could be accessed and, in most cases, would not allow copies of such material to be held at the Panel’s offices, even when that material comprised complex, bulky and lengthy documents, which demanded careful analysis (see Chapter 11, The Challenge of Securing Cooperation). Instead, on each occasion on which a Panel member needed to access information classified as ‘Secret’, a lengthy journey to Metropolitan Police premises situated on the outskirts of East London was required. This caused considerable delay.

494. The problem was compounded by the fact that some material was excessively and inconsistently redacted before being placed on the Panel’s database. On occasion the redactions were found to be clearly unnecessary. This also contributed to delay, as the unredacted versions of the documents were held in the Metropolitan Police premises in East London.

'495 The Panel concludes that, despite the express commitment by the Metropolitan Police in the Terms of Reference to support the Panel’s work, the Metropolitan Police did not approach the Panel’s scrutiny with candour, in an open, honest and transparent way, making exceptional and full disclosure of relevant documents. The way in which material was disclosed or withheld had the effect of making the Panel’s work more difficult (see Chapter 11).

Panel Recommendation:

496. In the interest of transparency and public accountability, all public institutions should be under a duty to cooperate fully with independent scrutiny bodies created by Government, such as the Panel.' (page 1115)

Gadawodd J Roberts anodiad ()

David Allen Green interrogates the concept of 'institutional corruption' identified in the report concerning the murder of Daniel Morgan:

'The independent panel report on Daniel Morgan found that the Metropolitan police was – and is – institutionally corrupt.'


Dear Cyclops on behalf of Alyson Parker,

response is overdue

Yours sincerely,

Edward Williams

Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)

4 Atodiad

Dear Mr Williams


Further to your email of today, where you state ‘response is overdue’.


A response to your request was released to you on 25^th June.  To assist I
have attached the response to this email.  The covering email sent with
the response, showing the date of release, can be found in the email trail
below, under your email of today


Yours sincerely,



Alyson Parker

Information Manager

Data Governance

Data Office

Metropolitan Police Service


Email: [1][email address]

Core location: Marlowe House, Sidcup.






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