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Dear Northern Ireland Assembly,
I wish to know the following information.

Who will be liable for any harm caused by the experimental vaccination. This includes financial compensation. Compensation in any and all forms.

Will the EXPERIMENTAL Cv19 vaccination containing human aborted foetal cells be MANDATORY In Northern Ireland ?

Will there be coercive behaviour used against any people who do not take the EXPERIMENTAL vaccination?

What nature will any coercive messures take?

Will freedom to move around be impeded if people do not take the EXPERIMENTAL vaccination?

Will benifits be restricted for people who do not take the EXPERIMENTAL cv19 vaccination?

Will the right to educationbbecome dependent upon uptake of the EXPERIMENTAL vaccination?

How does this EXPERIMENTAL vaccination comply with the right to fully informed consent and the Montgomery ruling of 2015, since there are no peer reviews of this EXPERIMENTAL vaccination, and zero long term safety studies.

Yours faithfully,
Lise Coulter

+FOI Public Email, Northern Ireland Assembly

Your email has been received, however, there may be a significant delay in
responding to any Freedom Of Information requests received due to the
current ongoing situation in relation to the Coronavirus.

Hedley, Karl, Northern Ireland Assembly

Dear Sir/Madam,


The information you have requested is not held by the Northern Ireland
Assembly Commission. Information regarding the Northern Ireland government
is a matter for the Northern Ireland Executive. The Northern Ireland
Assembly Commission is a separate entity to the Northern Ireland
Executive. Please find contact details for the Northern Ireland Executive
as follows: [1]


As regards to your questions on vaccines, the Department for Health may be
best placed to provide you with information in this area. I have provided
a link to their [2]FOI department here.


Many thanks


Karl Hedley


Karl Hedley AMBCS

Information Standards

Room 241

Parliament Buildings

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External Telephone: 02890 521242


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