Dear Croydon Borough Council,

This FOI request is for information about participation at MIPIM 2020, being held in Cannes, France, in March.

1, When was the decision for Croydon Council to attend taken, and by whom? Please provide details of when the proposal was discussed at any relevant council meeting (if at all).

2, Please provide the officers' report which proposed Croydon Council's attendance.

3, Which Croydon officers are attending the event?

4, Please provide the full programme of events and activities being staged by Croydon Council, its agents or contractors, at MIPIM 2020. In the case of receptions or hosted meals, please also provide a full list of invitees for each event.

5, Please provide a detailed breakdown of the budget costs for Croydon Council to attend MIPIM (delegate accreditations, stand hire and rent, consultant fees, room hires and hospitality costs, contingency costs and other anticipated spending).

6, In the event that the chief executive, Jo Negrini, is attending MIPIM, please provide her full diary of engagements for the duration of her attendance at the conference, including receptions to be attended and with whom she has arranged meetings.

7, Please provide similarly detailed engagement diaries for all other Croydon Council executives attending MIPIM, as per (6) above.

8, At which hotel will Croydon officers be staying during their attendance at MIPIM? What is the room rate, per person, per night that has been negotiated by or on behalf of the council? Please provide the total budget for accommodation of Croydon Council officials at MIPIM.

9, Please provide the total travel budget for Croydon officers to Cannes.

10, Which Croydon councillors are attending the event?

11, Please provide a detailed diary of engagements for all Croydon councillors, as per (6) above.

12, At which hotel will Croydon councillors be staying during their attendance at MIPIM? What is the room rate, per person, per night? What is the total accommodation budget for members attending the event?

13, Please provide details of the travel budget for councillors attending MIPIM.

14, Has Croydon Council appointed an agency or consultants to manage and organise their participation at MIPIM? If so, which agency? Please provide full details of the financial costs and fees paid to this agency (or agencies) for this service, including any officers' reports which recommended this arrangement.

15, What is the overall amount of council funds allocated for Croydon Council's participation in MIPIM in 2020?

16, Please detail any sponsorships arranged with third parties for the council's participation at MIPIM 2020. In respect of each sponsor, provide details of:
(a) any existing commercial relationship with the Croydon Council; and
(b) details of any applications made by these bodies to Croydon Council as the local planning authority in the past two years.

17, What is the council's strategic aim from participating in MIPIM 2020?

18, The cabinet member for housing has said that Brick by Brick is to provide "local homes for local people". What is Croydon Council's strategic aim for participating in the largest global gathering of property developers, speculators and investors?

Yours faithfully,

S Downes

Croydon Council, Croydon Borough Council

FOI/EIR request
Our reference: 1421590

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Croydon Council, Croydon Borough Council

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FOI/EIR request
Our reference: 1421590

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