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Dear HM Passport Office,
I lived in Thailand from 2008 - 2014 with me returning to live in the UK on a permanent basis April 2014 . I recently applied for a taxi drivers license in the UK which was declined because i have not lived in the UK for the past 5 years, my local council require to know that i do not have a criminal record in Thailand. On 22nd June 2015 i was issued with a new British passport can you tell me if possible what criminal checks were carried out before issuing this passport and would the checks reveal if i had a criminal record in Thailand?

Yours faithfully,
Barry Dickson

FOI, HM Passport Office

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Dear Barry Dickson,

Please find attached the response to your below request.

Yours sincerely

Her Majesty's Passport Office

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Gadawodd Steven Robinson anodiad ()

HM Passport Office do not carry out any checks relating to criminal history when receiving British Passport applications. Criminal records are irrelevant concerning passport issuance by HMPO and the only checks the Passport Office do are checks to make sure that the applicant does have British Nationality entitlement therefore entitlement to UK passport facilities. Furthermore the only other checks that must be done are checks to see if there’s a stop file preventing a passport being issued that is where concerning an adult the Police or a court has issued an order preventing an applicant from holding a passport if there’s a risk of absconding during criminal investigations if any, these are the only checks made in relation to criminal justice interaction.