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Diego Carbone made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Heddlu Dyfed-Powys

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Mae'r cais yn aros am eglurhad. Os Diego Carbone ydych chi, os gwelwch yn dda, mewngofnodi i anfon neges ddilynol.

Dear Dyfed Powys Police,
Could you please provide me with a breakdown of all police cautions issued in the year 2016-2017 including the relevant crimes that these were issued for.
my apologice about that I was terrible mistake I feel shame for that

Yours faithfully,

Diego Carbone

Heddlu Dyfed-Powys

Diolch am eich e-bost sydd wedi’i dderbyn gan yr Uned Rhyddid Gwybodaeth
yn Heddlu Dyfed-Powys. Bydd yn cael ei ystyried a’i weithredu fel y bo’n
briodol. Os oes gennych unrhyw ymholiadau mewn perthynas â’r mater hwn,
mae croeso i chi gysylltu â’r Uned Rhyddid Gwybodaeth ar 01267 226596.

Thank you for your e-mail which has been received by the Freedom of
Information Unit at Dyfed Powys Police and will be considered and actioned
as appropriate. Should you have any queries in respect to this matter then
please feel free to contact the Freedom of Information Unit on 01267

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FOI, Heddlu Dyfed-Powys

Good Afternoon

Reference No: 949/2018

Thank you for your request for information dated 26.11.18 concerning Crime Statistics

Dyfed-Powys Police acknowledge receipt of your request which is being processed under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 however, prior to processing the request please would you clarify

When you refer to 2016-2017 are you referring to full calendar years or financial years ? pleae can you be more specific as to the timeframe you require.

After receiving the clarification, your request will then be considered and you will receive a response within the statutory timescale of 20 working days as defined by the Freedom of Information Act 2000, subject to the information not being exempt or containing a reference to a third party. If we do not receive clarification from you within 40 working days, then your request will be closed.

There may be a fee payable for the retrieval, collation and provision of the information you request. If this is the case you will be informed and the 20 working day timescale will be suspended until we receive payment from you. If you chose not to make a payment then your request will remain unanswered.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in Dyfed Powys Police and look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

Dyfed Powys Police provides you the right to request a re-examination of your case under its review procedure. If you decide to request such a review and having followed the Force’s full process you are still dissatisfied, then you have the right to direct your comments to the Information Commissioner who will give it consideration.


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