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Mandy Thompson (Ataliwyd y cyfrif) made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Peterlee Town Council

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Mandy Thompson (Ataliwyd y cyfrif)

Dear Peterlee Town Council,
Please can you provide the information cited in the following points;
- Background: the philosophy of the development of Peterlee was to be an 'open town'. As such, fencing around the cricket field was previously refused by the council with this in mind plus following council staff advice and the independent report which stated it as being unnecessary. Please can you provide the independent report.
- please provide a breakdown of the full costs, assumed to be around £30,000 taken from the public purse.
- please provide assurance that once done, the enclosed area usage will not be permitted for 'live music' events (the hidden agenda of the promoting North East Party councillor). There are already local residents who understandably strongly object to the litter and noise from events due to effect on children, older people and shift workers sleep plus distress to pets. In addition, live music concerts in other locations across the country result in discarded drug paraphernalia; an unacceptable health & safety risk.
- please give assurance that any detrimental affect on local residents will be fully rectified by the cricket club.
- please give assurance that the maintenance and repair costs of this fence will be the sole responsibility of the cricket club and not fall to the 'public purse' at all.
Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Mandy Thompson

Ian Morris, Peterlee Town Council

5 Atodiad

Dear Mandy


I acknowledge receipt of your Freedom of Information request of 19 May


I can confirm:

 1. independent report re. cricket fence - The Town Council did receive a
report from the Police Architectural Liaison Officer in August 2016
regarding security issues at the Pavilion site.  I am assuming that it
is this report to which you refer as I am not aware of any other
independent reports on the fence.  There are elements of that report
that contain specific security details for the Pavilion building and
grounds that it would not be appropriate to disclose publicly and in
any case do not add any material value to the intention of your
request.  On this basis I am withholding the disclosure of the full
detail of that report under the exemptions provided by FOI Act 2000
s31(1)(a) prevention or detection of crime and/or 31(2)(i) protection
of health, safety and welfare of persons and work.  This is because
the Pavilion building and outbuildings have been the target of crime
including vandalism and break-ins on a fairly regular basis and
disclosing specific information from the Police about security issues
on the site would be likely to prejudice the likelihood of such crimes
happening again in the future and/or our staff or visitors the site
being put at risk of such crimes occurring.
I can however confirm that the Police ALO did include in the report
his opinion that it was not necessary to commit major financial 
expenditure on fencing around the cricket pitch from a crime
perspective.  I have extracted the conclusion from the report here:



Based on the nature and number of incidents outlined above, I suggest
major financial expenditure on fencing or other hardware security measures
is not necessary. Fencing itself can become an issue when it is damaged or
sections of it stolen which sometimes happens.


If the Crime/ASB trend increases further measures may be required with
landscaping changes such as bunds or defensive planting introduced, it
will be important to maintain the pleasing and open aspect as opposed
fencing and barriers.




2. breakdown of costs for provision of cricket field fence is as follows:

Supply & fit fencing £14,792.50

Supply & fit 2no 4m double gates £2,360.00

Supply & fit 3no 2m single gates £1,980.00

Additional posts to shorten post centres £1,012.00

Total cost £20,144.50 + VAT (VAT was reclaimed from HMRC and so £20,144.50
is the cost to the Town Council)


3.  Assurance re live music events - there is no recorded information to
disclose.  As you will be aware the fence was installed in
August/September 2018 (over 18 months ago) and the Council has already
staged the 2019 Peterlee Show and 2019 Bonfire Night celebrations on the
site since then.  Your request refers to an opinion about live music
occurring once the area is enclosed, but the area has been enclosed for
over 18 months and it is a matter of fact that two music events have
already been held there.


4. Assurance re detrimental affect being rectified by the cricket club -
there is no recorded information to disclose .  Peterlee Cricket Club
rents the cricket field from the Town Council on a seasonal basis, the
land and the fence belongs to Peterlee Town Council.   I am unsure as to
in what circumstances the cricket club would have a detrimental effect on
local residents and to the best of my knowledge I am not aware of any
complaints by local residents about the cricket club’s activities on the
site.  Perhaps you could provide some further information about this
element of your request?


5. Maintenance and repair of the cricket field fence - I can confirm that
the cricket fence belongs to the Town Council and is on Town Council land,
and the maintenance and repairs costs over and above the 10yr guarantee
provided by the installers will fall to the Town Council's budget.


I hope that this answers your questions sufficiently Mandy.  Do get back
to me on point 4 re the cricket club if you want to clarify the nature of
that part of the request.


With regards to the partial refusal covered under part 1 above, you do
have the right to request a review of the decision through an internal
review.  Your request for an internal review must be submitted in writing
to me within 4 weeks of the date of this email.


You can also complain to the Information Commissioners Office.  You can do
this by contacting the office
online [1] or by phone  0303 123 1113


Best regards, 




Ian Morris
Chief Officer / Town Clerk
Peterlee Town Council

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Co. Durham SR8 2PH


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