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Pat Mastelotto made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Daventry Town Council

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Dear Daventry Town Council,

1. Can you provide a list of all the businesses and organisations which have received money from Daventry Town Council as a result of covid funding/grants?

2. For each business and organisation which has received covid funding please detail how much the sum of money was and if has to be repaid. If it has to be repaid please detail the arrangements.

3. Can you list any business and organisation that has received covid funding which Daventry Town councilors or officers have a financial or any other interest in?

Yours faithfully,

Pat Mastelotto

DTC Responsible Finance Officer, Daventry Town Council

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Dear Pat Mastelotto


Thank you for your enquiry.


Daventry Town Council as a parish council has had no involvement with
covid funding/grants for businesses and organisations within Daventry or
the surrounding area, this would have been co-ordinated by Daventry
District Council who are now part of the newly established West
Northamptonshire Council, if you have not contacted them already please
submit your request for information relating to Covid Grants using the
following link.   [1]Make a Freedom of Information (FOI) request | West
Northamptonshire Council (


Kind Regards,


Sarah Fox

Responsible Finance Officer


Tel: 01327 301246

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