Covid19 not a HCID

Gwrthodwyd y cais gan Executive Office (Northern Ireland).

Dear Executive Office (Northern Ireland),

Do you acknowledge that covid19 is not a HCID according to this official government website because its has a low mortality rate and low infection rate

Do you also acknowledge that the PCR tests are being run at the wrong cycles. The higher the cycles means up to 80% false positives. Keeping PCR cycles high is keeping us in lockdown. Anything above 30cycles is useless. You run them at 40/45cycles( hard to find officialfigures). The WHO the BMJ dr fauci the inventor of the pcr and thousands of doctors worldwide have all admitted the cycle rate should be 25cycles

What cycle rate is the PCR run at? If you don't know shouldn't you find out?

Do you acknowledge that calling covid19 coronavirus is a plan to keep us in lockdown. Coronavirus was first described in the 60s and the flu and common cold is part of the coronavirus family

Do you acknowledge that the death rates caused by Covid19 have been exaggerated. To keep us scared and in lockdown. Going by the percentage of population 2020 was the 9th highest in 20yrs.

Do you acknowledge there's a difference between dying FROM covid19 and dying WITH covid19. Again this is designed to scare us the people and keep us in lockdown.

Do you acknowledge this covid19 lockdown from the start was about vaccinating the people with a new untested vaccine that bill gates is pushing.

Yours faithfully,

Adrian McErlean

TEO FOI, Executive Office (Northern Ireland)

I am currently out of office returning 22 February 2021. Please direct any
queries to [Executive Office (Northern Ireland) request email]

TEO FOI, Executive Office (Northern Ireland)

4 Atodiad

Dear Mr McErlean

I am responding to you under normal course of business to your emails below and attached to explain why you will not be receiving formal FOI responses from the Executive Office (TEO) to these five requests.

A significant amount of the information you are seeking in these requests does not fall within the remit of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) as you are seeking an opinion, rather than specific, recorded information or documents. Under FOIA, a public authority (like TEO) is under no statutory obligation to create information in response to a request; the FOIA gives you the right to ask for recorded information only. No recorded opinion is held within TEO.

You may find the ICO guidance below on “How to access information from a public body” beneficial as it contains useful advice, including advice on how you should word a request to get the best result.

You appear to be seeking information relating to the NI Executive's response to the COVID -19 pandemic.

Under section 16 of the FOI Act (duty to provide advice and assistance), please be advised that the Executive Office (TEO) is one of a number of separate and legally distinct public authorities within the Northern Ireland Executive.

The Department for Health (DoH) has responsibility for Health and Social Care, Public Health and Public Safety. It takes the lead in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore is likely to hold information relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. For ease of reference, please find below the relevant email address should you wish to pursue your enquiries.

[email address]

For relevant information already in the public domain in relation to the above, please also see the links below to the DoH and Public Health Agency website.

Please note you will receive a separate response to your request pertaining to Covid-19 cases in hospitals.

I hope you have found this response of assistance.



Nicola Finlay
The Executive Office| Freedom of Information| Information Management and Central Advisory Branch

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