Councilor Lisa Gaughan Vauxhal.l Why is she blanking the requests of the public?

Gwrthodwyd y cais gan Liverpool City Council.

To: The Mayor of Liverpool Joanne Anderson,

Subject: Councilor Lisa Gaughan, why has she along with Councilor Joe Hanson and
Councilor Malcolm Kennedy ignored the report on (Pollution and Liverpool's cancer crisis in her ward)
Why has she not told the residents in Vauxhall & Kirkdale about this?

Lisa Gaughan, is a Labour Party- Ward: Kirkdale & Vauxhall Councillor

Please could the mayor of her staff investigate this councilor's unstable behavior since 2019 several residents have been trying to hold conversations with Councilor Lisa Gaughan by phone and letter and e-mails, she has blanked each one of us in Vauxhall.

She has now become unreliable as a member of the Labour party and more over may be unfit to act as a councilor in Vauxhall, 4 times in the car park outside a local One -Stop Tesco shop she blanked several persons wishing to talk to her and jumped into a car and drove off.

She was asked about the high number of persons who died within her ward.
She was asked about the poor air quality in her ward.
She was asked all about the pollution in her ward and to follow up on the report in the Local Scottie Press (Cause for Concern)
She was asked if she could talk to the then Director of Public Health Dr. Sandra Davies, she just blanked all these questions, then got in a car and went to her house.

She also does not attend meeting and has let many of her residents down who wanted to see her face to face.
Let she claims over £200.00 per week as a so-called part time councilor that does no work at all

Attendance statistics for Councillor Lisa Gaughan
Statistic Count
Total expected attendances: 28
Present as expected: 16
Apologies received: 12
Absent (incl. apologies): 12
In attendance: 1

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Newman

Gadawodd Audrey O'Keefe anodiad ()

All 3 councillors need to go.........
Joe Hanson controls the consistency with an iron fist.
Interesting to see how LCC reply.

Liverpool City Council

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