Council tax band for 2 bed flats in the sw9 8 Lambeth postcode area

Theo van den Berg made this Freedom of Information request to Valuation Office Agency

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Dear Valuation Office Agency (Lambeth),

I would like to know how many 2 bedroom flats in the Lambeth area are in particular tax bands.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, please supply a breakdown of what council tax bands are allocated to 2 bedroom flats by number of 2 bed flats per band in the sw9 8 (Lambeth) postcode

For Example:

SW9 8PL Number of 2 bed flats Band A = 20
SW9 8PL Number of 2 bed flats Band B = 12

If the breakdown cannot be given by individual postcodes within the sw9 8 Lambeth area then

Please provide it EXCLUDING the following postcodes:

• SW9 8GB
• SW9 8GA
• SW9 8GH
• SW9 8GB
• SW9 8GF
• SW9 8GD


SW9 8** (excl. above list) Number of 2 bed flats Band A = 20
SW9 8** (excl. above list)Number of 2 bed flats Band B = 20

Yours faithfully,

Theo van den Berg

Freedom Of Information, Valuation Office Agency

Dear Mr van den Berg,

Thank you for your Freedom of Information (FOI) request concerning council tax bands for 2 bed flats in the Lambeth area of SW9.

I can confirm that the Valuation Office Agency has received your FOI request and you will receive a reply no later than 6 March.

Yours sincerely,

Lee Ward | Disclosure Officer | Knowledge and Information Management (KIM) | Information and Analysis Directorate

Valuation Office Agency (VOA) | 6th floor | Wingate House | 93/107 Shaftesbury Avenue | London | W1D 5BU

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Statistics, Valuation Office Agency

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Please see the attached reply to your Freedom of Information request. 


I have attached the spreadsheet in case the Disclosure Log is not updated


The Disclosure Log can be accessed via this link:




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