Dear Bristol City Council,

1. What hydraulic modeling work has already been undertaken to estimate the cost to the Plimsoll Bridge? Please provide any reports conducted, meeting notes available, and any appropriate emails.

2. If separate to the question 1-- the mayor mentioned at Cabinet on October 1 that the original survey assessment and the Treasury green book assessment was for repair cost of £38m to £42m. Please provide the reports of the 'original survey assessment' and the 'Treasury green book assessment'.

Yours faithfully,


Bristol City Council

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Dear Bristol City Council,

This response is now delayed. By law you should have responded so please can I have an answer to my question.

Yours sincerely,

Joanna Booth

Robin Cane, Bristol City Council

1 Atodiad

Dear Ms Booth

Apologies for the delay with this FOI.


Despite the FOI concerning Plimsoll bridge the information was not held by
our Bridges team and was provided by BCC Transport Planning.  Please see
the attached document and the text below to answer your enquiry.


The Plimsoll Bridge cost of £40m was based on an initial engineering
estimate of £27m which was increased to account for contingency and
optimism bias to an estimate of £40m. The working behind this was checked
recently as per treasury guidance and confirmed to be within a range of
£37.5m to £43m. The attached details the works and the process. These are
all essential works.


Yours sincerely



Robin Cane

Bridges and Highway Structures Officer


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