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Dear Disclosure and Barring Service,

Further to the change from the CRB to the DBS in December 2012, can you please give the details of the total costs of this amalgamation of the ISA and CRB into the DBS?

Also, with regard to the inclusion of 'brown envelope' information, or information that police 'reasonably believe' may be relevant to the application, although is 'not known' to the applicant, can you please provide the following

1. How many applications since the DBS came into effect, included this additional 'brown enevelope' information? Or if this exceeds the capacity for the FOI, please provide this number for a sample of 3 months since the DBS came into effect. As I am specifically not requesting any personal information, but rather statistics, this information should not be protected under the data protection act.

2. On the DBS website, you explain that you work with the Departments of Education and Health. Is personal information beyond proof of employment, or verification of identity etc, sourced from these departments as part of the application?

3. You state that you also work with 'registered bodies' who have registered with the DBS and who are the primary point of contact

checking disclosure applications and validating information provided by the applicant

establishing the identity of the applicant

submitting fully completed application forms

countersigning application forms to confirm entitlement

Can you please name these organisations?

4. Can you please list the information databases in which information is taken from for a DBS application. If you do not hold a list of the databases that you are sourcing your information from, can you please say why not?

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Yours faithfully,

S Banks

DBS FOI, Disclosure and Barring Service

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Dear S Banks


Please find attached our response to your Freedom of Information request
sent to the DBS.


Kind regards


Elise Snelham

DBS Freedom of Information Officer

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