Cost of Thorne Town Council Neighbourhood Plan

Thorne-Moorends Town Council Nid oedd gan y wybodaeth y gofynnwyd amdani.

Dear Thorne-Moorends Town Council,

I am writing to request a breakdown of the costs incurred to the council due to the neighbourhood plan initiative, including the costs of the questionnaires posted to each house hold and the costs incoured at meetings due to the neighbourhood initiative.

I would also like information on;
i) Where the money has come from for improvements
ii) The amount of money available for the plan

In regards to a different topic, I would like a breakdown of any financial gains given to the council due to the Wind Turbines at Tween Bridge.

Yours faithfully,

Danel Barwell

Jeremy, Thorne-Moorends Town Council


Thank you for your e-mail about the above.

1. Breakdown of Costs to date:

Informal consultation Summer 2013 - leaflets, publicity materials £1,097.58
Planning Consultant £3,481.25
Formal consultation Spring 2014 - Plans and Display Boards £592.50
Formal consultation Spring 2014 - Leaflet printing £920.00
Formal consultation Spring 2014 - Thorne Times advert £300.00
Formal consultation Spring 2014 - leaflet distribution £210.00
Formal consultation Spring 2014 - Room Hire £120.00 (the majority of consultation venues have not charged)

These costs are offset by a government grant of £7,000 that has been awarded to the Council to support Plan preparation.

2. Money for improvements - I am unclear what improvements are referred to in this query. I would be happy to assist if you can clarify.

3. Money available for the Plan - the Council is included a budget of £15,000 in 2014-15 to ensure that there are resources available to complete the Plan. This will cover Planning Consultant fees, printing and a further round of publicity on the draft Plan. This is seen as a maximum figure and the actual expenditure may be less.

4. Tween Bridge Wind Farm - the Council has received no funding from the Tween Bridge wind farm scheme.


Jeremy Sherlock
Clerk, Thorne-Moorends Town Council,
Assembly Rooms,

01405 818015
07802 926452

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