Cost of policing Grand National race meeting.

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Dear British Transport Police,


I wish to request the following information under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 'The Act'.

In order to assist you with this request, I am outlining my query as specifically as possible. As you will understand, this may not be a definitive list of relevant information.

You may be aware that the act provides a duty on public authorities to assist requesters.

Please can you tell me the following:
Unless otherwise stated please take 'Aintree NR' to mean Aintree National Railway Station.

1.0 During the Grand National Race meeting, what procedures take place at Aintree NR to:
1.1 Prevent Anti Social Behaviour
1.2 Prevent overcrowding
1.3 Keep people safe and secure
1.4 take account of peoples needs and welfare, such as toilets and access to water.
1.5 Allow passengers to purchase railway tickets.

2.0 During the Grand National Race meeting, how many of the
following are present at Aintree NR:
2.1 British Transport Police:
2.1.1 British Transport Police Officers
2.1.2 British Transport Police Community Support Officers 'PCSOs'.

3.2 Local Police
3.2.1 Merseyside Police Officers
3.2.2 Merseyside Police PCSOs

4.0 What is the cost to the tax payer, to implement policing at Aintree NR, for the following years:
4.1 2009
4.2 2008
4.3 2007

5.0 What is the cost to the tax payer, to implement 2.0 above, at Aintree NR, for the following years:
5.1 2009
5.2 2008
5.3 2007

Yours faithfully,

Ian Madder

Dear British Transport Police,

Please can you provide an update to my FOI request, or do you believe that the FOI does not apply to yourselves?

Yours faithfully,

I Madder

Gadawodd I Madder anodiad ()

BTP have told me they only have 2 members of staff in the department and as such all requests are being delayed.

Gadawodd I Madder anodiad ()

I have now issued a complaint to the ICO, for failure to reply within 20 days, in accordance with the Act.

Gadawodd I Madder anodiad ()

The ICO have accepted the complaint (FS50310696) and will deal with it in turn.

Coleman Brian,

1 Atodiad

As per attachment

Brian Coleman BA MSc

Information Standards Manager.

British Transport Police, FHQ,

25 Camden Road,

London, NW1 9LN

office 020 7830 6751

fax 020 7023 6953

email [email address]

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