CORRUPT Northumbria Police Professional Standards Department (PSD) finds CORRUPT Northumbria Police NOT GUILTY in Smearing of Martin McGartland case

Gwrthodwyd y cais gan Northumbria Police.

Martin McGartland (Ataliwyd y cyfrif)

Martin McGartland

27 June 2019

Dear Northumbria Police,

CORRUPT Northumbria Police Professional Standards Department (PSD) finds CORRUPT Northumbria Police (NP) NOT GUILTY in Smearing of Martin McGartland case. Northumbria Police PSD has BOTCHED and WHITEWASHED yet another 'investigation' into the Northumbria Police smearing of Martin McGartland (as well as their 20 year cover up of it) just to protect the force and the Bent officers involved (both past and present).

PSD covered up, concealed and ignored evidence including (below) x 3 sworn independent witness statements, which can be viewed / read here; (as well a lot of other compelling evidence) to cover up and protect Corrupt NP and the Corrupt officers involved in the smearing of Martin McGartland. For further background detail here; )

Corrupt Northumbria Police, its Corrupt PSD (and even Corrupt Winton Keenen, see the Winton Keenen 2006 to 2009 BOTCHED / WHITEWASHED 'investigation' report here; )

NP, PSD and Winton Keenen have BOTCHED, WHITEWASHED every 'investigation' they have carried out in the Martin McGartland cases. And they have failed to record 99% of Martin McGartland's complaints against NP officers (In fact, 100% of my Complaints against Winton Keenen while he was ACC, DCC and now CC of NP have never been recorded or 'investigated' by his Corrupt PSD).

Within the NP, PSD smear 'investigation' - The PSD Whitewash - NP state (page 9 and 10 - HOLMES Officer report RS52i); "The report dated 8 May 2000 was from Detective Superintendent Symonds to Detective Chief Superintendent Wilson (Head of Crime Department) regarding you and the ongoing civil proceedings against Associated Newspapers Ltd .... ..... . The report was of an internal review commissioned by ACC Crimmens in anticipation of the force being drawn into the proceedings between you and Associated Newspapers Ltd;. The objectives of the review were to identify and document:
1. All formal contact between Northumbria Police and the media on Thursday 17 June 1999.
...... ........ The review identified all those on duty in the Press Office on 17 June 1999 and listed them at Appendix A. Reports were obtained from all of those people and these were contained at Appendix B. "

The 'Investigator' (Superintendent 7353 Ammari) claims in 'investigation' report (the Whitewash) ...... Wait for it ..... You know what coming next.... that when he located the report 'the appendices were not attached .... The investigator has been unable to locate the appendices to the report." I Bet ... disappeared - Just Like That - and into thin NP air. Did you check the NP Safe? How convenient for Superintendent 7353 Ammari - his boss / Head of PSD (Supt Sav Patsalos) and for CC Winton 'Cover Up' Keenen, Team Winton.

You could not make this stuff up - NP, PSD Corrupt to the Core. But there is more. 'Investigator' Superintendent 7353 Ammari and his PSD/NP state:

"The reports said to be at appendix B to report R52i are clearly very relevant to this investigation +++ NO SH*T SHERLOCK... THAT IS WHY PERSON/S WITHIN NP, SPECIAL BRANCH HAVE DESTROYED ? HIDDEN THEM. THE LIGHTS ARE ON BUT NO ONE IS AT HOME ... +++ as Detective Superintendent Symonds stated that they were obtained from all persons on duty in the Press Office on 17 June 1999 or whom otherwise had authorised contact with the general media on the date concerning the incident (with the exception of ACC Crimmens and Detective Superintendent Symonds himself). As noted above, the investigator has been unable to locate these appendices."

'Investigator' (Superintendent 7353 Ammari) - including his boss / Head of PSD (Supt Sav Patsalos) and CC Winton 'Cover Up' Keenen, Team Winton who signed off this BOTCHED Whitewash... cover up, And have deliberately referred to 'reports' of all those ' people'. What they, NP and PSD omitted to mention within their latest Whitewash (and which is also being covered up) was that those 'reports' were in fact detailed witness statements and accounts from the very people named (NP officers/staff,\ as well as others) within the above, linked x 3 sworn independent witness statements.
It is no bloody wonder that those can't be located (no one - including the above named - at NP are keen on finding those documents . I am clear that those documents are being concealed / covered up. Or, they have been destroyed by a person or persons within special branch, NP . To ensure that the smoking gun (the statements / accounts from the press officers) never sees the light of day, i.e, those documents prove that NP (from the very Top) not only ordering the smearing of Martin McGartland (to protect and cover up for IRA - which continues to this day - CC Winton Keenen, Team Winton and NP - BUT also the 20 year cover up (to date) of the NP smearing.

Under the FOIA I would like the following;

1. A copy (copy of the original) HOLMES Officer report RS52i), the 8th May 2000 report (from Detective Superintendent Symonds to Detective Chief Superintendent Wilson (Head of Crime Department);

I would also like to know;

2, When, date please, did NP first become aware that the report/s (the witness statements, accounts were missing. And who discovered same? - I would also like NP to disclose copies of all internal reports, records, notes, documents and all other information which relate to the missing report/s, witness statements and accounts.

3. What internal investigations has been carried out by NP with regards to the loss, stolen 'reports' (the witness statements and accounts)?

4. Regards 3 above, how many, if any of those reports (witness statements and accounts) have been located to date?

5. Has the missing data (personal information of a number of individuals) been reported to the ICO. If it has;
a. when - what date#?
b. what was the outcome of same?
c. If it has not, please explain why not?
d. Has any action been taken against NP and or any of its officers or staff by ICO, the force or any other organisations concerning the missing reports? If it has, please supply full details.

6. Have all (or any) of the individuals (those who supplied the 'report/s') been contacted, made aware that their reports (witness statements or accounts) are missing, have been lost or stolen?
a, If they have been contacted regards 6 above, when / dates please?
b, If they have not been contact, informed of above. Please explain why not?

I look forward to your reply regards this request.

Yours faithfully,

Martin McGartland