Continued use of DARD Central Investigation Service

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Dear Forest Service (Northern Ireland),

In 2010 an investigation was conducted into the activities of the [Potentially defamatory material removed] Mr [Potential defamatory material removed], by Deloitte consultants as instructed by the DARD PS Mr Gerry Lavery. The findings of this investigation showed there was elements of corruption, malpractice and mis/malfeasance in the workings of Mr [Potential defamatory material removed] and this unit on the instructions of Mr [Potential defamatory material removed].

1. Can you confirm if the Forest Service uses any of the DARD CIS resources?

2. If so, can you confirm the legal basis enabling DARD CIS to conduct business on behalf of the Forest Service and the annual cost of this service for the last financial year?

3. If the Forest Service do use this DARD service can you clarify if you have taken any action to review any agreement with DARD CIS in light of the investigation findings of the Deloitte investigation in 2010? And the subsequent findings and action taken as a result of any review.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Anderson

Brown, Alex,

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Mr Anderson
Please see attached FOI response from Conor McMahon, Head of Corporate Services Branch.
Alex Brown
Forest Service

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