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Dear Stanmore College,

Please can I request a breakdown of your Curriculum Manager names and what area they are responsible for?

Yours faithfully,

Ash Patel

Mala Lawal, Stanmore College

Dear Ash


Stanmore College Curriculum staffing details are as follows:


Department Director Health, Care and Social Sciences

Sharon Honey


Department Director STEM

Vasu Krishnaswamy


Department Director Creative Arts, Media and Sport

Leanne Grundy


Department Director Business and Admin

David Smith (interim)


Head of English and Languages

Adam Conyers


Many thanks


Mala Lawal (sent on behalf of the FOI officer)




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    Dear Stanmore College,

    Please can I request a breakdown of your Curriculum Manager names
    and what area they are responsible for?

    Yours faithfully,

    Ash Patel


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