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Consideration of applicants with a single AS Level module resit for admission to 'Medicine (A100)' course.

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Dear Jesus College, Cambridge,

I am writing to you to enquire about your policy regarding AS Level modular examination resits (for the June following the initial attempt), concerning your medicine (A100) course. It is my understanding that on the SAQ form candidates are required to complete, any resit intentions must be declared. I would like to know if, for this course:
a) Are those who indicate that they intend to resit one single module looked upon less favourably by the admissions staff involved in the decision to offer a candidate a place onto the course, both generally and in the case of near-misses?
b) Would it be advantageous for candidates to resit one AS module where there has been a near miss (in terms of both grade and UMS score), but their overall grade remains unaffected and meets the entry requirements of your institution for this course, or would it be preferable/advantageous to not resit at all?

I would like to thank you in advanced for considering my request, and I look forward to hearing your response soon

Yours faithfully,

Ian Hoffman

Susan Webb, Jesus College, Cambridge

Dear Ian,

Thank you for your request. There is a lot of information on the College and University websites, which I think answers your questions.

You may find the following paragraph from the University website useful:

"AS/A Level retakes

We recognise that even the best students can have 'bad days' when an exam doesn’t quite go to plan. Therefore, we’re not concerned if an applicant has retaken or is planning to retake one or two modular AS/A2 Level units for which the results obtained are clearly out of character.

At Cambridge, students are regularly assessed by examination and there's no opportunity to resit any exams (with the exception of professional qualifying examinations in Medicine and Veterinary Medicine). Therefore, we would be concerned about an applicant who is retaking large numbers of exams, unless this number of retakes was justified by circumstances beyond the applicant’s control and explained in their UCAS reference and/or Extenuating Circumstances Form."

The link to this page is

The College website also has information about the application process this links to subject-specific pages.

I hope that this information is helpful. Please let me know if I may be of further assistance.

Further details about making a request to the College, including your rights if you are not satisfied with our response may be found at

Information and advice about the Freedom of Information Act and making requests is available from the Information Commissioner’s Office

Best wishes

Susan Webb
Records and Information Manager
IT Department
Jesus College Cambridge
01223 339831
e-mail: [email address]

Nid ydym yn gwybod a yw'r ymateb mwyaf diweddar i'r cais hwn yn cynnwys gwybodaeth neuai peidio - os chi ywIan mewngofnodwch a gadael i bawb wybod.