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Duncan Gordon (Ataliwyd y cyfrif)

Dear Police Scotland,

The information on Complaints can be found on your website but this is very limited indeed. Does Police Scotland have a detailed policy document on the precise method of dealing with complaints? Please provide a copy of this if so.

In the event there is no policy document, please provide information as follows:

What is the procedure for interviewing third parties in relation to a complaint against two Police officers?

Where the conduct of a third party is relevant in part to the complaint, would the third party be asked for information which would incriminate themselves?

Where a complaint includes allegations concerning the integrity of Police officers, would they be able to speak to one another in order to tell the same story in relation to this?

What steps are taken to deal with all the matters included in the complaints? Where there is a failure to cover these in full, would a further complaint be accepted?

Is the complainant provided with a copy of the statement given concerning complaints?

Yours faithfully,

Duncan Gordon

Police Scotland

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Good Afternoon
Please find attached a response to your recent request for information.
Kind Regards
Information Disclosure Officer
Police Service of Scotland
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Gadawodd J Roberts anodiad ()

You may be interested in this:

'Inspection of the management of criminal allegations against the police by COPFS: terms of reference' (19 Feb 2021)

'2. COPFS is the sole prosecuting authority in Scotland. It receives reports about crimes from the police and other reporting agencies and then decides what action to take, including whether to prosecute. All criminal allegations against the police are reported to COPFS. Where it is alleged that a crime was committed by a police officer while on duty, a report is made to and investigated by the Criminal Allegations Against the Police Division (CAAP-D), a specialist unit within COPFS.

5. In 2019-20, CAAP-D received 286 on duty criminal allegations against the police.'

'Inspection of the management of criminal allegations against the police by COPFS' (9 Sep 2021)

'The aim of this inspection was to assess the management of criminal allegations against the police by the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS), with a view to providing assurance to the Lord Advocate, the public and other stakeholders that such cases are dealt with effectively and efficiently.'