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Issy Hotten made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Royal Mail Group Limited
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Roedd y cais yn rhannol lwyddiannus.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Why it this so traumatic at present? Currently there is an 0845 number - which then has a very lengthy voice message stating that "the quickest and easiest method" is to pick the item up.

Well no.

It is neither quick nor easy to drive a 25 mile round trip on Saturday mornings to collect your post!.

Why is it not possible to have a "standing order" asking that any undelivered item is redelivered on a stated day - eg Saturday.
Or that undelivered items are dropped off at a stated post office - of that costs 50p per item - which is a lot cheaper than a 25 mile round trip in petrol...

It has become so difficult to get mail recently.

If redelivery of one specific item can be requited online, then surely redelivery - or even initial delivery - of all items can be requested online.

It would be easier - and cheaper - to have all non-standard items delivered to the local post office rather than have to spend time and money on each individual item.

For instance - post anything that can be posted - but send the rest somewhere local where it IS possible for me to pick it up!.

It is even worse when the mail items cannot be collected from my nearest town - as that is a different "post office area" although that town IS part of my official address.

Yours faithfully,


Royal Mail Group Limited

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Dear Ms Hotten

Thank you for your request for information received on 14/07/2009, which
we are considering under the Freedom of Information Act. Under the Act
you should expect a reply from us to be sent by 11/08/2009, which is
twenty working days from receipt of your request.

If for any reason we are unable to provide you with a full response within
that time, we will contact you explaining the reasons for this and giving
a revised date by which we will reply.

If in the mean time you have any questions or would like to contact us
about your request, please contact us by telephone 01252 806513 or
alternatively email or write to us at the address below. Please be
assured that we are giving this our attention and will get back to you

Yours sincerely

John Cere
[1][Royal Mail Group request email]
Freedom of Information Unit

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Royal Mail Group Limited

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Dear Ms Hotten

I refer to your recent e-mail, submitted via our Freedom of Information
address concerning the arrangements for the delivery of mail and
arrangements for delivering larger items when the recipient is

Royal Mail is committed to giving the best possible service bearing in
mind the need for integrity, safety and security for all concerned. It
is therefore a challenge to design a nationwide system for redelivery
which meets the needs of all customers whatever their circumstances.

We always welcome feedback and your suggestions are very welcome. We have
passed these to our product managers for future consideration. Indeed I
can say that some variations have been tried in the past but were
withdrawn due to minimal take up from customers.

For the present, the range of redelivery options remains. These include
the facility to have an item redelivered, either at your address or a Post
Office, by either ringing the delivery office or sending a message by
e-mail, we would always recommend the second option to save you time. You
may also collect the item during the opening hours of the delivery office.

I thank you for your interest and hope that you will contact us again if
we can assist with any other matter.

Yours sincerely

John Cere
Freedom of Information Case Officer
Company Secretary's Office

Gadawodd Tri anodiad ()

Why don't you make a complaint rather than posting request for information?

Gadawodd Becky anodiad ()

Just to say, Royal Mail are (in one respect) right. It would be difficult to find a process that suits everyone. For example, your idea of automatically delivering all non-standard mail to a local place where you can collect from wouldn't suit me as I don't drive and would not fancy trying to carry a large parcel whilst trekking the 1.5 miles it is to my town centre with my 3 kids in tow. However, their phone line is a waste of time since it is only open for 4 hours a day (8 till 12- convenient, not) and their website is useless too as I have had to complain 3 times now that parcels I arranged redelivery for have never arrived. Apparently, my requests never got through to my local sorting office for some reason although they still show up on their 'system'. Also, I am fed up of items being left out on my doorstep to get either drenched or nicked. And yes, I have too been a victim of the "Sorry you were out" when i was in phenomenon. The service does need a shake up, but please just remember we aren't all able to drive (hence why collecting the item isn't quick and easy for me either).

Gadawodd Mr Houston anodiad ()

Im afraid Becky is right in all respects, nothing that she has stated is wrong.