Cock Robin Road Junction and Rugby Wide Area Traffic Model

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Dear Warwickshire County Council,

Various changes to Rugby's road junctions are to be made as a result of the grant of planning permission to build 860 houses on Ashlawn Fields (planning application R13/2102).

In the county council's advice to Rugby Borough Council of June 2017 it would appear that two of these changes have been incorporated into the Rugby Wide Area model viz Scheme 2 for the Dunchurch Crossroads and Scheme 3 for the Ashlawn Road/Barby Road crossroads. However no changes are shown for the Cock Robin junction itself despite the planning consent providing for changes to the alignment of the Eastern arm and the provision of Toucan crossings on the Northern and Eastern arms. The implications of the currently proposed local plan for Rugby is that there will be significantly increased traffic at this junction and the Toucan crossings, whilst going some way to promote sustainable transport within the SW Rugby policy area (DS8), may reduce the capacity of the Cock Robin junction for motorised vehicles.

The information I am seeking is whether or not the county council has included the R13/2102 changes to the Cock Robin junction in its Rugby Wide Area model reference case?

Yours faithfully,

Richard Allanach

FOI Communities,

Dear Mr Allanach,
We are in receipt of your enquiry regarding Planning application R13/2102
and Cock Robin junction, Rugby. Please be advised that we do not consider
this to be a request for recorded information, but rather a query. I have
therefore recorded your enquiry on the Council's Contact Us system -
reference CU67569527. A response will be made to you via email within 5
working days.
Yours sincerely,
Amy Hardiman
Customer Liaison Manager
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Community Services
Communities Group
Warwickshire County Council 
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Gadawodd R Allanach anodiad ()

A strange initial response from WCC. If they are able to answer the question the answer must be recorded somewhere. Anyway the later e-mail said the revised road junction with two toucan crossings had been included in WCC's traffic modelling. Why WCC should wish to keep this a secret between myself and them I have no idea.

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