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Cllr Lisa Gaughan- The Metalworks building and the Fire in Vauxhall Rd

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To: The Mayor of Liverpool
Subject: Cllr Lisa Gaughan

Cc: Councillor Joe Hanson, Councillor Malcolm Kennedy

Could Mayor Anderson please investigate Councillor Lisa Gaughan,s past record and dealing in Vauxhall with the matter of these eyesores and look into the below questions, please, she refuse to reply or want to look into this matter below, it is unfair to the residents of Vauxhall and the public of this city.

{1.} The building known as Eldon Grove in which the residents would like to know what and who is behind this eyesore, and why is it getting sold only to overseas cash buyers, not the locals?

{2.} The Metalwork’s site, once Lawton’s building on Leeds and Vauxhall Rd, part of the same cowboys (NPG Ltd) Mr Lee James Spence and others. Also, being sold by Adam Ross and Allan Freeman son of (Tony Freeman) the local echo has a record of this building and all the players’ names from 2017.

{3.} Could the Mayor please explain Cllr Lisa Gaughan’s role as a councillor and why for six months now she will not reply to letters, phone calls, emails from residents?

{4.} could the Mayor ask her to investigate these sites and try to explain what’s going on? The Vauxhall plans were to attract investment and improve infrastructure. Years on, now some of the projects are about to fail.

These high-profile property developments were marketed with great fanfare, and some were promoted and backed by local authorities and the Liverpool Echo who did five write-ups on (Eldon Grove) now, these building sites stand abandoned, confidence in north Liverpool will badly be damaged. as well as the local developers and businesses that made big promises but have failed to deliver will the three councillors please get their act together and do or say something?

{5.} Will the Mayor and the three councillors ask for a full investigation into the fire from the police and the fire services, and who owned this land and what company were using it as offices before the fire?
Huge fire destroys former school near Liverpool city centre - Echo reporter Emilia Bona.
16th June 2018, Trinity Catholic Primary School, in Vauxhall Road.
Would the reporter { Emilia Bona} also investigate this and report any finding to the Mayor’s office and inform the public, and is there any link to the Incendiary device used in the {Baltic House} arson attack in which police are now looking into? Ref – Arson attack by- Echo reporter- Tom Duffy 19th May 2018?

{6}Could the Mayor, Police, and fire service ask for (Emilia Bona’s )report and film footage of this fire and who told her to get down to the site as she was one of the first to report it, some residents had told her this may be arson would she please come forward and help the fire, police and the council?

Yours faithfully,
Mr H Cookson Liverpool L5

Gadawodd Josie Mullen anodiad ()

As far as I know company after company promised to refurbish Eldon Grove and never did. Yes, you are right Eldon Grove development was promised to local people and now it's, as usual, Investor Only. I predict that the Eldon Grove original buildings WILL NEVER BE REFURBISHED. They will either burn down or 'they' will say that they are now beyond refurbishment.
Even though the company that owns Eldon Grove have done nothing with the site for years - the Council gave them 'Preferred Developer' status in the area for other sites, including, I think, the Old Trinity school.
The whole thing stinks, especially the fact that there are more 'fires' in Liverpool in strategic places than there are bush fires in the Australian outback

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