Cllr Joanne Calvert how many times has she met with Gary Howard of Fox Street Village

Yn disgwyl am adolygiad mewnol gan Liverpool City Council o'u triniaeth o'r cais hwn.

Dear Liverpool City Council,

Cllr Joanne Calvert how many times has she met with Gary Howard of Fox Street Village Developments Ltd.

Did Cllr Joanne Calvert over the past 3 years set up any off the record, and on the record Liverpool city council meeting with:

A/ Gary Howard Fox Street Village

Has Gary Howard ever met the Mayor, Joe Anderson or been to his home, or has the Mayor been to his home?

B/ Kerry Tomlinson of Prime site, Liverpool, and or Bobby Johnson?

C/ Did any of the Liverpool Echo staff and or Chris Walker, Liam Thorp, Tom Duffy, and many others in the newsroom of the Liverpool Echo.

Ever contact the LCC and the Mayor with regards to the fire risk of Fox Street Villager?

D/ As last year Liam Thorp was told all about this and the involvement to the Mayor's daughter, he did nothing and covered it up, as did Hughes PR and Cllr Joanne Calvert, what if a fire was to happen how would Liam feel then?

Will now both the Liverpool Echo and the Mayor report all the finding on “Fox Street Village “to the NCA & SFO to investigate as with Chinatown and will Cllr Jane Corbett stop playing games with her report and pas it over to the NCA & SFO?
Will you pass on all information to the SFO/ NCA in London to help in this on-going matter and to inform the ratepayers in Liverpool you are working for them?
Not the bent Lawyers and accountants and 4 Liverpool city councillors who are on the payroll of these.

Yours faithfully,
Mr Wilson

Office of the Chief Executive, Liverpool City Council

Information request
Our reference: 688540

dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Dear Office of the Chief Executive,
What seems to be Cllr Calvert's problem in coming forward with "Fox Street Village" all three of you, Hughes PR The Liverpool Echo and her are all in hiding over this Fire Risk Building, She needs to stop this and after six months of hiding, seek please talk to the real reporters about her role working with "Gary Howard" Lin Mari and Fox Street.

It,s very odd with the local Liverpool Echo, that it never has investigated any of this having been told to last year, it may seem ReachPLC wants to keep it all "Hush! hush?

We wonder why?

Yours sincerely,

Mr Jacobs